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Hey wazzaaaap?
welcome to my pimped out site, if you don't like it then what u doing in here? j/p lol Look around and have fun.
                                 <3 da 1 n only ~*AM*~

My $HouT OutZ

...da 1 n only EJ <3 u sis, IDK what I'd do w/ out you. Thanx for all the advice and for always being there. :)aka MOM j/p :-P.....
 Lily,... thanx for always taking ur LiL sisters partying :) Be good ok and good luck w/ ur life. I know ur going to make it in life and keep it up! Love ya
 Joey... my only bro, ye ur immature sometimes but itz all gravy. Stop fighting / ya too
Samantha... love u lil sis!!
Mom... looove ya and I know ur going to make it through this. U r the best person ever and thank u for always being there. U r the tiitest :-D love u ur daughter <3
Toni.... what would I do w/ out u?? I looove u so much and when I go on tour,  ;) you're gonna be with me ok? lol and remember NOBODY can't hold us down no matter what they say :-P
VICTOR! ~ my cousin, thanx 4 always being koo although i know how much u love Kobe but he is mine! lol j/p itz all about the LAKERS and the kings are going down! u better watch it when i go to Truckee! itz on aight a b-ball game :-P n' i'mma kick ur a$$ nah u know i'm j/p. and vic don't think i 4got them times when u were being messed up and u got me, 'cuz u made me open the car for u! little punk and the times i wrestled u down. our match aint ova! but u got ALL pissed off cuz i ACCIDENTLY stepped on ur Michael Jordan thing~LOL  soorry. oh and u stained 1 of my shirts with ur DIRRTY hands remember?? braat--- I think i stained 1 of urs too! haha SORRY again for always knocking down ur autographed MJ picture from ur wall.. u know me n Ivet clumsy a$$es lol. hey u better take off that pic of Kobe where it says I rape and fagget!! STOP HATIN'! u <3 him just admit it once in for all. I miss DQ when we usto always go and eat all those chicken stripes... yuum. well now i'mma let ya go 'cuz idk what else to say. LOVE YA CUZ!  ~AM
selina,ivette,sonia,vic,angie.. all my koo cousins... love ya keep it ghetto aight Sel??? hehe MUAH
Priscilla n all of  ya looove uuuuuu!
JoAna~ shory, hey girl we have to go clubbing sometime u know 18 and ova lol j/p :) thanx 4 being the titest homie ever and we got to go to LA soon! Fudge El Paso :-P well remember that i <3 ya like a sis and call us up when u want 2 go out~
twins... claudia and jess suup pimps? thanx for being so tite and I miss parrtying w/ ya. Nacas #1 aiight and much loove.
kyleen and da fam...... love u guys... I've known u for the longest and u guys are the nicest people. God bless u guys ok and remember we'll always be here when u need us. Much love.
JoAna... dang girl u gotta move 2 L.A. it sux we going 2 EP but u gonna be there so that's tite! Love ya girl and remember I'll be here 4 ya no matter what. Be good and keep it real!
All my homies online u know who u r. Much loove
Ronald, u tite! Good luck w/ that girl aiight.....
Brian i hope u make it BIG someday n' i belive in u! Keep the Britney pride! lol much <3
Gillian~ dang girl I gotta go 2 Frisco sometime. Seeing DS was tiite! LOL long a$$ time ago. Well much <3
Roxy~ girl u tite! :) We gotta go see Jesse fo sho
Nicole: my homegirl from Jerzey u gotta come down soon aiight?? :-P well NOT to Tx but L.A. lol it suux
ova here. Well I hope we both get w/ dem guys~haha
Royce mi papichulo.... MUAH u know i love ya too.... good luck w/ everything and I couldn't 4get ur bro. U guys are tite :-D also have fun in football n' I know ur gonna be the best ;) <3 ur mami AnneMarie
p.s. <3 ur laugh .. lol
Brad... damn G u know ur my QT friend and I could neva 4get u. Keep it real and yes we HOMIES 4 LIIIFE!! u always koo 2 talk 2 and NO more fights ok? j/p lol i know they be hating on u $hiiiit. Well good luck w/ ur life n' girl . MUUAAHH
Angel... dang foo I couldn't 4 get u. I miss kickin' it w/ u but aver cuando te veo otra vez. Never 4get ur homegirl AM ok! Much love.... and keep writing poems!!
Vince,Sal,Kathy, Arely...... umm everyone from skoo I talk online u guys are tiiiite! I'mma miss u guys but always be good ok. Neva 4get me.....
April... my bestfriend. sup hyna? daang i've known u since forever and now I'm finally leaving. pues i'mma miss u a lot girl and good luck w/ ur man chino. Don't do stupid shit that you'll regret in life cuz I know ur smarter than that. Remember I'll always be here 4 ya ok? I'll see u....looove ya
I know there is A LOT more peeps and I'm sorry if I didn't mention u.


Me with my dirty a$$ b-ball

Me chillin..

Me at skoo with my homegirls
I'm the 1 with all black right in the middle

Going to a club wit Ej and Caleb

Kobe Bryant #8