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Some interesting Facts

"When i was little I wanted to be a grocrey store cashier because i thought that at the end of the day, i would be able to keep all the money in the cash register.  But then when i found out that wasnt true, i was sad. lol......I didnt really get interested in singing and acting till like 9 or 10, I was in my room always singing to the radio, or cd's.  Me and my friends would make movies with my camera all the time. Ii remember I would always have to be the director, and the main character.  i was so dramatic. Especially in the thriller movie we made called "Slasher" I was very dramatic lol it was supposed to be really scary,,,,but since we were not experienced, it was hilarous.  I loved singing, and whenever I would see a concert, or someone singing on tv I knew that is what i wanted to do.  I would just get this feeling, that, that is it, thats what i want to do forever!  its an amazing feeling." ~Brian Loveless

Fav. food: mashed potatoes
Fav. soda: squirt and orange
Fav. tv show: friends, will and grace, american idol
Fav. star ever, Britney Spears
idol: Chris Trousdale
Fav. song: lady marmalade
Fav. color, baby blue, yellow
Fav. store: american eagle
"I collect sunglasses.  I loooove them, I have so many pairs. I also collect mens jewlery, like chains/necklaces.. I wear a different one every day, it's really cool." ~Brian
Fav. concert: Britney Spears, dream within a dream
What cd is in your cd player right now? Lizzy Mcguire movie soundtrack
Fav. candy: anything sour
"I loooooooove chocolate milk, i dont drink white milk.
I eat hunny right from the jar before i sing." ~Brian
Height :5'9"
Eyes: blue
Natural haircolor: brown....but has been died, blonde, and red before.
"I'm obsessed with american idol!!!!! I can't miss an episode, and I went to the first concert, i had 10th row, and the ai2 concert, I got like 5th row.
I also really like the soap opera all my children, I tape it everyday and then watch it, it's really good!" :)~Brian Loveless

About Brian:

Date of Birth: June 20th, 1987
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Born and raised: Milwaukee Wisconsin
Family: mom-Beverly, dad-Keith, brother-Brandon--(12 yrs old)