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DreamStreet Our PapiChulos

Welcome To My DreamStreet Website!

Hey Everyone!
My name is AnneMarie & I hope u enjoy my site! This site is
dedicated 2 my "homeboyz" (haha)Chris,Jesse,Greg,Frankie,Matt!!!!!

Hey please join my yahoo group 4 more of the guys pix thanx! :)
Also here is a shout out 2 all my friends u know who u r!
**ESTHER**,(sista)*Selina(cuz) Ivette(cuz) *Victor*(cuz), *Soņia(cuz), *APRIL*,~KRYSTLE~,~KYLEEN~,*Lillian*(sista)My sis b/f *Louis u r the best! & *Ozi u r koo! *Ivette <3ya cuz. Also my beautiful fam. from El Paso! Pc Toni u r da best! Well all of u from over there r!!!! :) Rosa... u r tite tite TIIIIIIITE! lol... remember Esther & I will always be there 4 u ok!! ;) u know we r going 2 get u REALLY into ds!! haha :p like always.. we ALWAYS get u into all these ghetto groups except MDO & pretty soon DREAMSTREET!! lol...
*Gillian*,*Sabrina*,*SAMI*,*NICOLE*, (they r the nicest ds fanz i've known!)Daibelis,Jessica & Luis u peeps r soo kool don't change! Well sorry I know I missed a lot of friends but hi luv ya guyz! It is 3:00a.m. & i'm kinda asleep! lol. But of course hi 2 DreamStreet!  All of u peeps r the coolest!!! Or like Esther sayz Cacoo Cacoo! lmao. oops & 3rdFaze! Sara u r da best!! luv ya gurl!! & Minia is the SWEETEST girl you'll ever meet! Check out their official site.. Well Luv ya'll!! ::wink wink::  Last but not least, a shout out 2 the homie Julio! hez a tite DJ!!!!! u no u gotta play DS!! lol ~
*MUAH* un beso para todos! Yo los amo a todos con todo mi corazon! adios! un habraso y un beso para DS!!!!
Also I couldn't forget Voyces! they r a guy group from
Florida. They r awesome! Skye.. u r sooo sweet! & Aaron u r soo kool!Check out their site at
n the other guys r too! & last but not least my boys MDO!!! <3 ya! check them out. & .. lol check out PLAY!!  they r an awesome girl group from Sweden.

What's New?

Dream*Street lost the case! So there is no more DreamStreet. :) There will be a new DreamStreet but Chris Trousdale an ex D*S member will be in the new DreamStreet. Even though there is ALOT of RUMORS still going on I will ALWAYS love Jesse, Matt, Frankie, & Greg. I still love Chris too so I am on no ones side. But I just wanted to let you all know. P.S. SORRY for not updating the site sooner. THANX.

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Here the guyz looking hott like alwayz!

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