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About the guys....

FloFFus are a melodic pop punk band between the ages of 15-18! Serik is 16, Randy is 18, Nick is 18, and Brett is 15(by the way he will be 16 this Saturday June 6!)

They are 4 all together. Currently, the guys are an unsigned band from Glen Head and Sea Cliff, Long Isalnd,New York!!! They began their group in the beginning of the year 2002! :) They had problems etc. but these are the guys that are currently in the group! If you live in Ny near Long Island or Long Island, you are LUCKY!!!! haha but anyways these guys are truly TALENTED & watch out for them cuz they are here to ROCK America & they are coming your way!!!!! :)

Extra lil 411!

Hey I don't have much to say about them here but HELP them in anyway possible!! & I will have a pic of the guys in the homepage A.S.A.P. this site is really new made 6/2/02! (right now)