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Welcome to my uncle Bardo's website!

Hey everyone and welcome to Bardo's Fan site! I hope you enjoy your stay at the site and remember if you have any questions e-mail me. :) Thank you!! ~AnneMarie

Bardo wants to thank the following:
His agents,his family, GOD! & OF COURSE THE FANS!!!!! Remember he LOVES you ALL!

watch Bardo on "Threat Matrix" Thursday, January 8, 2003 on abc 8/7c
 Bardo is currently busy doing more T.V. series, I'll keep you guys posted on that.You can still catch Bardo doing the voice of "Lars" Rodriguez (Twister's older Bully brother)in the show "Rocket Power" on Nickelodeon.
Lombardo is also now a regular on the hit comedy series "Bernie Mac" giving him the role of Chuy!   Good luck with all of your work! Thanks <3

Thanks for visiting the site and hope you come back for the Latest News on Lombardo. Once again thanks~AnneMarie


This is a picture of Bardo at a photoshoot!

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