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21st Show Canceled, Recording Date Set, Still more Shows...- July 17th, 2002
Our show at empire disks was last monday and thanks lots to everyone who came out...as for coming shows The backstreet Blues show on the 21st was CANCELED! Don't show up...its gone into the depths of nothingness.. Alright so the date is set and we are recording atleast one song (elementary school pop punk) this saturday with mark from Plimpton32. Oh man the quality is gonna rock and you should check out plimpton's stuff, it rocks yoo. Anyways so yea we're gonna be trying to record and put together new stuff while still playing more and more shows....we might have some big things just around the corner and finally, we found brett so hes back again. And on one last note...our guestbook isnt there for you to argue amoungst yourselves...if your gonna be dumb, you better be funny or we're just gonna laugh at you and think ur dumb

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Just wanted to say that all the NEWS comes directly from the Guys' Official site. I will NOT post anything that is not 100% confirmed. If there is any change of plans, I will make sure to inform all of you. THANX! adios.

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