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WATCH BARDO on "Threat Matrix"THURSDAY, JANUARY 8,2003 on abc @ 8/7c

Never Get Outta the Boat

Genre: Comedy
Duration: 1 hr. 37 min.
Starring: Harry J. Lennix, Devon Gummersall, Nick Gillie, Darren Burrows, Lombardo Boyar
Director: Paul Quinn
Producer: Jason Kliot
Distributor: Currently seeking distribution in the USA.
Release Date: TBA 2003.
Writer: Nick Gillie
ABOUT: A dark ensemble comedy that follows a group of young men struggling through life at a drug rehab center in Los Angeles. The diverse group is comprised of a homeless ex-marine, a college graduate turned criminal, a guitar player, a rock star, and a rich kid obsessed with porn. The group of men struggle with recovery from various abusive behaviors as they manage the gritty rehab center.
Bardo Has 3 magazines where they've interviewed him! You can get the copy of GLAMOUR en espaņol the January 2003 issue at a store near you. He can be found on page 16, talking about his childhood and where he grew up.(Christina Aguilera is on the front cover) He can also be found in the Jezebel magazine January 2003 issue.
As of now, he is busy filming more T.V. series and as soon as I get that info I'll post it up. :)