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About Me
DreamStreet Our PapiChulos

Here is a little bit of more info. about me!...

My full name is AnneMarie Plascencia & I am 12 years old!
I live in California near L.A. I am in the 7th grade. going 2 8th! :)
I was born October.30,1989. I luv 2 dance! I like 2 sing too
but I don't have such a great voice! lol :( O'well itz all good! hehe I am latin so I speak spanish too! I luv DS of course.

Hey yo wassup?
This is Esther, AnneMarie's sis! I am 13 years old! I was born August.25,1988. I also luv DreamStreet they r Cacoo Cacoo! lol. I like other guy groups too! Like O-TOWN!!!!!!
Hey Erik & Ashley u guyz r fine!! O & hey 2 all my homies u know who u r! LUV YA! & Thanx 4 checking out our site!!!!
Feel free 2 e-mail me at... EJslim5@yahoo.com
& 2 my cuz sel!(snoop) lol. Hey gurl well....... don't worry we'll knock cuz u could be changing! lmao lmao lmao:)

Ivette my cuz(top) Me in the middle & Esther my sister in the bottom taken 7.19.02

Esther & I 3.18.02


Food:Italian&Mexican (mom's Pollo n Crema)
Drink: Coke
Actor: Lombardo Boyar ( my uncle hehe)
Actress: Jennifer Lopez
Movie: "A Walk to Remember." & "BEACHES" is a GREAT movie.
Singerz: DreamStreet,MDO,Selena,Aaliyah,Jaci Velasquez
Color: Blue & Green
Tv shows: Elimate Date, Becoming (mtv)Novelas! lmao
Sports: Gymnastics, BasketBall, IceSkating
Animal: Cheetah
#: 7
word: "Wazzup"
Clothes: n e thing that's nice
Chocolate: kitkat
Candy: SourPunch
Ice-Cream: Rocky Road
Music: pop,r&b, hip-hop,sum alternative
Music videos: Madonna "Frozen" DS "It Happens everytime"
Songs: DS "Someone to Hold me tonite" Madonna "Frozen"
Saying: "Am I fat?"

What I look 4 in a guy:
A guy who is nice,sweet,outgoing,romantic,sum1 i can talk with deeply, sensitive!  The #1 thing is SWEET! When a guy is sweet, I'm in LOOOVE! haha :P

How people describe me:
Nice,Outgoing,Sensitive,U can talk deeply with me,Funny wait til I get hyper! lol naive! hehe Not 2 serious I laugh
:) *DARING* I am daring! hehe ;)