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DreamStreet Our PapiChulos

Here are some interviews with DreamStreet:


Meet Matt Ballinger of Dream Street. He's only 16, but he checked in with GL on his cell (it even sounded like he was in a limo).

GL: What year are you in school?

I am going to be a junior in high school.

Dream Street is promoting studyworksonline.com. What's your favorite subject in school? Yea, we are doing a concert for them, and my favorite subject is math.

You guys must be super busy. How do you manage to juggle school, acting and music all at the same time? It's tough, really tough, but we find a way. I don't know how we do it. Sometimes we rehearse after school, stay up late and just get it done. It's hard, but fun.

Did you always want to be in music?

Yes, I have always wanted to do this. Before Dream Street, I did a bunch of Broadway shows. I can list them for you if you want?


I have done The Sound of Music, A Christmas Carol, The King and I did I say that already and Inherit the Wind.

What is it like to see yourself on TV and in magazines? Pretty Cool!

What are your fans like?

They are great. They really like the group a lot.

What is the craziest thing a fan ever did to you?

Well, this one time this girl...well, maybe I shouldn't say, but they can be crazy. Girls try and pull you off stage and into the audience.

That's pretty crazy! Do you guys get to pick out your own clothes?

Sometimes, but most of the time other people pick them out.

What kind of music do you like to listen to when you aren't working?

Sublime. I like rock music the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Third Eye Blind.

Who are your favorite celebrities? That's easy. Barry Bonds and Tiki Barber. He's the New York Giants' running back.

If you could go on a date with any celebrity, who would you pick?

Hmmm...That's a good question. Umm, I'd have to say Britney Spears or the blonde girl from Dream (Matt couldn't remember her name. It's Melissa.)

What is the best part about being in a boy band?

Well, I would have to say that you get to hang out with your friends all the time. All the guys in Dream Street hang out together, and the girls are really cool, too.

Interview with U-M.com

UM: Dream Street was dubbed as just "another" boy band when it first exploded onto the music scene. Since the single's release, the band has transformed many anti-DS fans into fans. With the album out now, what major differences have you guys felt within the months between the two releases?

Greg: Yeah, we've at least doubled, or tripled, the amount of fans that we have. We used to do autograph signings, and you know, it'd take us an hour or two. Then just this last week we did one and it went out of the store, out of the mall, and out to the parking lot. So I mean, just the amount of fans that we had just pretty much, what...doubled? Tripled? I mean just from our single playing on the radio, Radio Disney.

Chris: Plus a lot more people have seen us now, and they're not just dubbing us as "another" boy band. First of all we are a boy band, so we're not like thirty-years-old.

Frankie: Yeah. I guess they kinda respect us for what we do, and they come see us perform.

Chris: We're younger, and our live performances, I think, are a lot different from *NSYNC and the rest of the bands. We just really show them what it's about. We don't lip-sync or any of that stuff.

UM: The album debuted a lot higher than some people thought. It's first week debut even beat Willa Ford's first week. Were you guys surprised at its position? Where did you think it would debut at?

Jesse: Yeah, we didn't expect to be as high as we were in the first week.

Greg: And our record company only expected us to sell about 10,000 records, and yeah...

Chris: Not within the first week, but 10,000 total.

Greg: And we totally just...

Matt: 30,000, 33,000 out or something the first week. And now it's like what, 100,000, over 100,000?

UM: Your album was originally scheduled to be released last Halloween. How well do you guys think the album would have done should it have been released back then?

Jesse: I think we all would have liked it then to have come out cause we were so anticipating. But since it came out now, we look back and we see that we probably definitely would have done a lot better if we released it now than back in October because we've had a lot more time to promote ourselves and to get out there to all the fans.

UM:Have you guys already begun thinking about a second album? If so, what type of sound are you going for?

Chris: Umm, since I think we've grown up - we're growing up just a little bit more. I mean of course...

Greg: Our producers really pick our music so...

Frankie: We're really just promoting our first album and getting it out there. I guess we'll worry about that once this one is kinda in the bag.

UM:If you guys were to do a song with another artist, who would it be?

Frankie: I know we're gonna have a few harmony songs and...

Greg: I think he means like with another artist.

All: That'll be cool and we're open to everyone.

Greg: Britney Spears!

UM:Your single has been doing real well on Radio Disney and Nickelodeon. How did you guys feel when you heard or saw that 'IHET' beat the A*Teens' 'Sugar Rush' on NVP?

Chris: It was actually nice. I dunno if we were all jumping for joy but we were happy about it cause that's our song. We felt really happy about that winning.

UM: Dhani from the A*Teens seems to still respect Dream Street, yet many of their fans don't. Is there anything you guys would like to try to help bring them over to your side also?

Greg: Nah, there's no competition between us and other bands. We think that any band that's out there - *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys - we look up to them, we respect them. We think it's great that they've succeeded in the ways they have. And so there's really no competition between us.

UM:Do you guys have any ideas for what to have as your next single, or any ideas for the video?

Matt: Uh, we're not too sure about that but um...We don't really know about that yet.

Greg: Nothing has been confirmed.

UM:Since Nick seems to be covered quite well, and your Street Team is really making a difference. Are there any other plans for promotion?

Greg: Right now we're in the middle of the West Coast tour.

Chris: Yea, we're going all over the West Coast. We're actually going to go for an audition with some radio.

Jesse: We're doing a tour for Health South. It's a charity for kids with eating disabilities and drug habits. We teach them what to eat and when, and like not to do drugs and stuff. Schools commute to big stadiums in that town and we perform there.

UM:There are fans from all over the world, such as Japan and Europe. Will you guys ever pay those fans a visit and treat them to a signing or performance anytime soon?

All: Yeah, definitely. Hopefully soon.

Greg: Our record company is actually really big in Europe and other places.

Matt: They're based out in Germany.

Greg: edel Records. We'll definitely be going out of the country.

UM:Many fans were disappointed when they heard your O-Town show act was canceled. Who else would you guys love to tour with?

Greg and Chris: Britney Spears!

Chris: And another big band like *NSYNC.

UM:Rumors were that the O-Town show was canceled due to the fact that Dream Street was "getting big." Is all the fame beginning to really roll into effect? Would you ever think about just reverting to having a normal life?

All: (Laughs)

Matt: Yeah, that's what we heard. I dunno how true that is.

All: Yeah...

Frankie: Nah, definitely not. I think we're loving...We're finally breaking out and coming out into the real pop life. We've been doing it for three years together and waiting. So now that we're finally here we just hope that it'll keep getting bigger and bigger.

UM:Let's talk a little bit about your fans. Are there any specific moments that you've shared with a fan that have made a deep impact?

Greg: We remember a lot of our fans actually, cause they tell us to try to remember their names, especially those fans who come to a lot of our shows and follow us around a lot. We do pretty good with them.

Chris: Yeah, we remember most of them. We know our fans pretty well.

UM:Issues about personal contact information have gotten to become quite a problem. How do you guys feel about all the screen names being passed around and the fans that try to get them?

Chris: I mean if a famous person was sitting right next to me I'd probably ask for their Screen Name, and you know...So I know what they're going through and I know what it's like.

Frankie: Sometimes they get a little upset when we tell them like "No, we're not allowed. We're sorry!" They're like "Awww man!" They get all upset.

UM:This one is for Chris. I know you talk about it on the ECD portion of the album, but would you like to give some other pointers on how you do your hair. Perhaps the name of hair products?

Chris: Yeah. Okay um...I start off by putting gel. It's called Crew Gel - C-R-E-W - and I start that by putting it in the back of my hair. Then I brush it forward to...like down towards my face. And then I use wax. It's called Tigi Bedhead and um, I put a lot of that. I just keep on...what do you call it?...rubbing it onto my hair. Then I take a comb. Ya, I go through like two, three bottles of it. And so I take a comb and I take each...I do like layers actually. I just take the comb and then spike it up with the comb, starting from the back to the front. That's how I work it.

Matt: (Laughs) It costs him more money to do his hair than to dress himself.

Chris: Yeah.

UM:How long does it take for the entire process?

Chris: For the entire? Well, it depends. When I first get my hair cut, it could take a while because I'm not used to it. But then towards the middle when it's growing out, but still cut, it's easy. It takes like fifteen minutes.

Greg: Like me. Yeah, I know what he's talking about. I just got my hair cut. It took me forever to do my hair.

UM:Lastly, is there anything that I haven't asked that you would like me to ask?

Greg: Oh yeah. We're single.

All: (Laughs)

Interview with Kriselen.com

Hey guys can we start with everyone introducing themselves?

Greg: Hi I'm Greg

Frankie: I'm Frankie

Chris: I'm Chris

Matt: I'm Matt

Jesse: I'm Jesse

Chris: And we are DREAMSTREET

Can you guys tell us how Dreamstreet began?

Greg: Two guys put us together, Brain Lukow and Louis Baldonieri. They are producers. Then had an audition and they put it in the paper. Over 200 kids showed up, from there they cut it down to 16. Then from there they cut it down to 8. Then they took the 8, with those 8 kids they made them work together for 2 months to see who harmonized well together. After that they cut it down to 5, and that is us Dreamstreet.

Who came up with the name Dreamstreet?

Frankie: Actually we all came up with the name. We all come from Broadway backgrounds. Manhattan's Broadway is actually called the Street of Dreams. So we figured Dreamstreet would be a perfect name for us.

What was your reaction when you first heard your song on the radio?

Chris: Flipping out, just going crazy. Everything you can imagine, we were going nuts.

Who are your role models when it comes to music?

Matt: Well we all have different role models when it comes to music. For me it would be like Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bad Religion. I know the guys look up to the pop bands like N Sync.

If you could perform with anyone out there, who would it be?

All: Britney Spears

Jesse: I think we would all want to perform with Britney. But as far as boy bands it would be an honor to perform with N Sync or Backstreet Boys. Greg: How about Dream and Dreamstreet.

In this business, you are away from home a lot. What is the one thing you can't leave home without?

Greg: I can't leave home without my hair stuff; you know my comb and stuff like that.

Frankie: I probably couldn't leave home without my C.D. player. C

hris: I can't leave home without my hair stuff and my sunglasses. Gotta have some type of glasses to go with my stuff and shoes and my clothes, those are important to me.

Matt: I can't leave home without my visor.

How many sunglasses do you have Chris?

Chris: I think about hundred or so. But these ones are my favorite because they are not $5 off the street. Believe me the $5 ones off the streets of New York are the best, but these ones are the real McCoy. So I like wearing these ones the most.

If we were do go to your C.D. player right now, what would C.D. would we find in it.

Greg: Right now my C.D. player would be empty. I usually just grab one of the other guys' C.Ds because they always bring like the big bins full of C.Ds. We like to listen to all kinds of music. I know Matt likes more of punk and rock music. Frank and Jesse listen to more of like BBmak and N Sync. Chris likes to listen to rap. So I just borrow one of their C.Ds.

Frankie: Well right now I have N Sync's new C.D. in it. Which Chris kinda wrote all over today.

Chris: I think I have the N Sync C.D. in my laptop. I am really digging their new C.D. it's different.

Frankie: Chris wants to be like me.

Chris: Oh Yeah

Matt: I have Sublime, their self titled album Sublime Sublime.

Jesse: I have BBMak in my C.D. player. I have been listening to them for the last few weeks and I think they are really good.

What do you guys like better, recording in the studio or performing live?

All: Performing live

Frankie: Yeah performing live definitely. Its exciting.

Greg: The adrenaline rush, you can't beat that.

Chris: Plus you have the fans screaming it helps. The energy helps our performance.

Speaking of fans. We mentioned to some people that we were going to interview you guys. We got like 20 e-mails with questions for you guys. The one question that kept coming up is. Are you guys singled.. married or what?

Frankie: Well I have 3 children at home.

Chris: I'm their Godfather.

Jesse: I am actually engaged.

Greg: Nah we are all single.

Matt: We are single and loving it.

All: Yeah

Chris: Its good to be single, nah its just that we are really busy.

What is that one food you could eat 24/7?

Greg: Pizza

Frankie: Ravioli

Chris: Steak, Crab or Loster..that expensive food

Matt: Ice Cream

Jesse: Beef Jerky

Please describe the person to your right.

Greg: Jesse is the youngest of the group. Considering he is the youngest he is pretty cool. I usually don't have out with 14- year olds, but hes cool for 14 years old.

Jesse: Thanks Greg, you're the man.

Frankie: Greg got his hair highlighted so it looks cool. We are the two Italians. Greg is cool and a good friend. He loves pizza and pez. He's a very nice kid.

Chris: Frankie is the oldest of the group. He can be serious at times, but he can be crazy and fun to hang out. He also got the spiky hair too, so we share that little thingso yea hes cool.

Matt: Chris is not into dancinghe is most likely to be in punk rock band just kidding. Completely the opposite. He has really cool hair. He likes sun glasses. He is the flirt of the groups, gets a lot of the girls.

Jesse: Matt is the most random kid you'll meet in your entire life. Hes a ballet dancer..haha..just kidding. Matt is a really fun kid to be around and he always makes you laugh. He likes to play lacrosse and hes really good. He drive a Ford Explorer yeayea overall hes a great kid.

Do you guys have any embarrassing moments on stage you would like to share?

Chris: My shoe fell off on stage. Oh and one time I had to much energyand I did this move and my finger grabbed the chain and I yanked it off and just threw it in the audience. Butthen I kicked and my shoe flew and it went straight up.

Frankie: And he stopped and just said Ooopps!

Chris: Yea, I wanted the fans to get a laugh out of it, instead of them saying..Are you alright? Jesse: It felt like his shoe was up in the air for like an hour!

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Matt: On the beach in St. Thomas. Playing golf.

Frankie: Hopefully the group will still be around. On the level of like Nsync orBackstreet boys or higher. That would be cool

What message do you want to give all your fans out there?

All: We love you!

Frankie: If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be here. We got the best fans in the world.

Greg: Thanks for supporting us, writing us, and requesting our songs

Chris: You guys Rock!

Student Radio: We have Frankie from Dream Street. Hey What's up?

Frankie: How ya doin?

SR: We're doing good. How about you?

Frankie: Good. Very good.

SR: Very Good..ok we're gonna start asking questions now, ok?

Frankie: ok

SR: Ok well, you guys just got back from California right last night?

Frankie: Right

SR: How was it?

Frankie: Umm..It was great...We met alot of people out there....a few famous people..we saw Christina Aguilera Umm..We were just out there having a great time out there promoting our album. Uhh..So we had a good time out there..it was really a good trip

SR: How was the fan response?

Frankie: Uh, the fans were actually great. We did a few signings out there...and at each place, we had a few hundred people...like 5-600 people at each place. The turn out was really great so we were pleasedSR: That's Great! So school is starting is starting back up soon in a couple of weeks

Frankie: (laughs)...yeah

SR: Are you still going to public school...?

Frankie: Umm..actually yeah we are all going to school..I go to a private school, but the rest of the guys go to public schools, but yes...we all plan on going to school..just like last year...so that's kinda get hectic

SR: You're not gonna go do the home-schooling?..you're just gonna stay in regular?

Frankie: No..as of now..we're still gonna go to school. I'm sure if it gets a little too crazy we'll get tutors or something like that

SR: Speaking of getting hectic, has Dream Street affected your grades in school?

Frankie: Umm..not too bad. I'm actually still a pretty good student...I still do good on all my tests...I study all the time...

SR: Wow..that's great! What's your best subject in school?

Frankie: Umm..probably Global..Global Studies

SR: and what's your worst?

Frankie: Chemistry

SR: (laughs) yeah we can related definetly! And are you on any of the school teams? You or any of the guys?

Frankie: I would, but I really don't have time for it with the group

SR: Yeah...well, what about before Dream Street? Were you ever into sports?

Frankie: Yeah..I was on the baseball team..Umm..I like bowling..I play golf

SR: Which do you like better? Performing live or working in the studio?

Frankie: Definetly performing live..Yeah I mean..in the studio it's great, but when you're live you have all the fans screaming and cheering for you..there's really no other feeling like it when you're on stage

SR: Do you get stage fright?

Frankie: Umm..Probalby the first five or ten minutes before we go on, but as once I'm on stage I'm fine

SR: What's a normal rehersal like for you guys?

Frankie: Well, usually in the summer it starts around 10 and ends around 3 or 4. But during the school year...we'll have school, and then go down around from 6-9, for about 3 hours, and then we'll come home and do our homework and all that stuff

SR: Have you ever had any embarassing moments on stage that you'd like to share?

Frankie: Umm..well I know I was pulled off stage once by a fan

SR: Really? Where?

Frankie: It was in a mall in Long Island...It was my solo, and I was walking back and forth, and this girl grabbed my pants and just pulled me right off the stage!

SR: Oh man...did you get hurt?

Frankie: Aww no....I had to climb back on..it wasn't that easy

SR: After you're on stage, what do you guys do to cool down..get unhyped and all that?

Frankie: Actually, I dunno if we do! I think we just stay hyped the whole concert..makes it a better show, I think. We usually do our last number, and thank our fans

SR: What's your favorite song playing on the radio now?

Frankie: Hmm..that's a tough one ...I acutally like...I think N sync's "pop" is good....Umm..I'm not sure..I like alot of songs on the radio

SR: What do you do with all the presents and roses you recieve from the fans?

Frankie: We keep 'em all..whatever we get...we have a big room in the city..full of fan stuff..and we read all their letters and we try to reply to some of them. We definetly respond to the fans and thank for all that stuff

SR: What was the last movie you saw in theatres?

Frankie: I actually saw American Pie 2 last night

SR: How'd ya like it??

Frankie: oh it was soo funny! I loved it..it was really great

SR: How did you get in? Don't you have to be 17?

Frankie: (laughs) Yeah..I kinda asked somebody to get me a ticket....

SR: (laughs) ah..you did one of those..we won't tell..we used to do that

Frankie: Yeah It was really funny though

SR: Do you guys know anything about a second single?

Frankie: Umm..it's actually in the works right now...we really dont' know which one we're gonna pick...there's a few songs on the album that we're thinking about, but uhh...we should have one out between October or around there

SR: Starting out in a boy band at a young age, how are you trying to be in popularity..being that you have competition?

Frankie: Umm..well, TV, radio 'n stuff. The difference between us and the other guys, ya know..N sync and Backstreet Boys..who we actually look up to is that we're younger, and we can appeal to the younger crowd and the other girls that look up to N Sync

SR: What do you think about the whole A.J. thing..since you look up to the Backstreet Boys

Frankie: Well, actually I think...honestly...Yeah I think it was a great thing that he actually went and checked himself in...it shows that he really cares about the rest of the group and doesn't want to bring them down with him. So I was really..I mean, alot of people bashed him for it, but I think it was a great thing that he did.

SR: Have you guys heard any crazy rumors going on about you or the group?

Frankie: Umm..not yet, but I'm sure they'll start soon, I'm not really looking forward to it, but uhh..so far we're pretty good with that

SR: How do you guys put up with being on the road and seeing the fans 24/7...I mean, is it hard for you guys or has it turned to an everyday ordeal?

Frankie: Umm..well, so far we're really enjoying it. I mean, I personally, love being on the road, I think it's great..You get to see a whole bunch of different places and meet new fans. You do get a little homesick every once in a while..you miss your family and you friends...but I guess that's what cell phones and computers are for! I enjoy though...I love it

SR: When you're on the road, what are some of the things that you bring with you to remind you of being home?

Frankie: Umm..I dunno..I guess I bring everything I really need..ya know...like the stuff for my hair, my voice 'n stuff, but I'll ring...pictures 'n stuff of my family..I always have them in my wallet.

SR: What do you miss most about not being home?

Frankie: Probably my family 'cuz my whole family is within a 2 block radius, which is really great..So I have my grandparents on one block..the same block as me...and then I have my other grandparents around theblock..my aunts and my uncles, so I guess that can be kinda hard ..I can't see them

SR: What was the last concert you guys last attended?

Frankie: We all went to the last N Sync concert that they did..it was great..we went to it at the Garden

SR: What is your favorite event happening in california was?

Frankie: Well I know the most fun thing for us was that we got to go to Disney Land after one of the shows..so we had a good time there..we went on a whole bunch of rides and rollercoasters

SR: Did you bump in to any fans on the way?

Frankie: Yeah actually we had a few fans following us around, so that was kinda cool

SR: Every other e-mail asked the same question..I'm sure you're gonna know what it is 'cuz I knew I was gonna get a bunch of these...so what's the deal? Is Dream Street single...dating..everybody wants to know.

Frankie: Acutually..we're all single..yep we're available

SR: Which guy do you get along with the best out of all the guys from Dream Street?

Frankie: Umm well i actually get along with all them pretty good, but I guess maybe Greg or Chris, or one of them,but we all get along pretty well..we're like brothers

SR: How do you have such nice abs?

Frankie: (laughs) I actually do sit ups 'n stuff..I do about 500 a day..and pull ups..

SR: How long does that take you?

Frankie: Umm..About 10 minutes

SR: 10 minutes?? man you do 'em fast. Is there any last things you wanna say to your fans who are listening to you right now?

Frankie: Umm..I just wanna thank them for always being there..supportive

SR: Thanks Frankie

Frankie: Great no problem...bye!

SR: Bye!

Frankie: Buh Bye

Dream Street singer loves his crazy fans

by Kerry Elizabeth John Glennon
Monday, February 4, 2002

Anticipating Dream Street's performance at the Lowell Tsongas Arena tomorrow night, Your S.T.U.F.F. teen correspondent Kerry Glennon interviewed Chris Trousdale, 16, one of the latest boy band's five singers. Trousdale has performed on Broadway in Les Miserables and The Sound of Music, singing and dancing with the Broadway Kids.

Kerry: What do you think about the girls who stalk you?

Chris: Ha ha. Honestly I think it's a form of support. Even though some people might call it stalking, I think it's a compliment more than anything.

K: Sweet. What was the craziest thing a fan has ever done for you?

C: I tell all my fans how much I love blue crabs and how much I like to eat them and everything. Ya know, some of my family is from Michigan, the Home of the Crab. So one fan brought me during the summer a Tupperware full of crabs... live, blue crabs. They were crawling everywhere! It was kind of scary actually.

K: Do you get hassled by guys or by your friends now?

C: Yeah, kind of. I know they are joking. They're not very serious when they're like, Oh, Dream Street... boy bands! (in a mocking voice). They always kid around so it's not like I take it personal. But, a lot of kids who hate Dream Street, they know in their hearts what we know... how long we've been doing this. So, its not like I get too offended by it. And girls shut them up normally. They're like, `Shut up!'

K: What are the biggest differences from when you started compared to now?

C: When I started out, I had no expectations of being where I would be today, so I started out being very hopeful. Now, I expect myself to work harder than I did back then because you have to stay where you are now and try to move up. When you're younger, also, the range for talented kids isn't as big as it is now. There are so many performers out there now who are talented and it's very hard. You have to keep working very hard. I know when I'm older I have expectations of being very, very big. That's always been my dream.

K: If you had one wish, what would it be?

C: It would be to see Dream Street make it as big as N' Sync... or bigger. That's always been my dream, to make it in this business.

K: What separates you from other boy bands?

C: Our age. I don't know of any (other) boy band out there that's our age. And, ya know, we don't lip sync, we work very hard, we dance throughout every number. I know N'Sync does that, also. I think it's just us two groups that kind of dance our butts off! But we are the only group out there for younger girls. I know a lot of younger girls can't find a guy or a boy band out there that's our age. So we kind of fill that gap.

K: Ya... the 6-year-olds liking 30-year-olds is kind of sketchy.

C: Ha ha! Ya... and we're not married yet!

K: Nice! All right, what's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?

C: Like three or four times my shoe has fallen off on stage! But, it's always just funny.

K: What do you miss the most since you've been touring and stuff?

C: I miss... I miss my home. I miss Michigan and seeing my family.

But, you know what, I'm doing what I love to do, so it's not a drag. It's very cool and I'm very happy that I'm doing what I'm doing.

K: Do you find it easier or harder to get a girlfriend now?

C: It can be harder because sometimes they're just looking at you for the wrong reasons. You know, they like to be in the scene just to say, Oh, he's my boyfriend. It's tough to find a genuine girl that likes you a lot. But, I know I just found a girl that I know I totally admire. Her name's Lindsey Lohan... the red-head from The Parent Trap. We've actually been going out on a few dates recently and we really like each other a lot.

K: Chris, how long do you spend on your hair?!

C: My hair! I've actually gotten it down to about 10 minutes now. When it grows out too long it can take, like, a half an hour. But, yes, about 10 minutes... on a good day.

K: Oh my gosh! Do you have any concerts that were very memorable to you?

C: Oh, gosh, yes. There was this one concert at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island... it's about as big as Madison Square Garden. We got to perform with every celebrity that we dreamed of performing with. Everyone there was screaming out Dream Street's name throughout the concert. When, meanwhile, you have, like, Jessica Simpson on stage. I mean, the support was outrageous. If anything, we thought we'd get booed off the stage, but they were giving us more support than anybody. I was so happy... I started crying! We were all hugging each other and we were all really emotional because we were so happy.

On Tuesday, February 5, The Biz Magazine.com (joined by Alexis, Radio Disney kid corrospondent) had the chance to sit and talk with the boys of Dream Street. Even though they were on a tight schedule and had been up since 4 in the morning, they let us back there twice to finish our interview. We want to extend a thank you to Dream Street managers, Louie and Brian, the guys moms, and Claudia. It means a lot to us that you gave us the time to do this. We hope to do a third catch up interview! Thanks so much!!!
The Biz Magazine: You're all so busy juggling TV, theatre, and music. Do you still have the time for high school?
Dream Street: Greg: Uh, yes, actually we go to high school full time. Right now we're on tour so we're actually getting tutored on our bus. But, usually when we're home we go to high everyday
TBM: What do you like to do best? TV, theatre, or music?
Frankie: They are three totally different things. Personally, I like to do music better. Uh, when you're up on stage performing in front of a whole bunch of people and you really get a great rush when you're up there. It's a lot of fun!

TBM: Dream Street has really hit it big. What does it feel like being so successful?
F: It's a great feeling, uh, I'm sure you guys know our album went gold a little while ago. And hopefully it keeps climbing so we're really happy about that. And, we really couldn't ask for more. This is a great first album for us.

TBM: What is the hardest thing about being successful?
F: Probably the little time that you're away from friends. We're on the road for a whole month now, so I won't see any of my friends or family for awhile. But, otherwise it's really, I can't really complain. I really love doing what I'm doing.

TBM: We bet it's hard being away from your family and friends.
F: Yeah, sometimes it can get hard, but that's why the invented cell phones.

TBM: Is it true that your video for "It Happens Every Time" was shot in front of the biggest fireworks in New York City history?
G: Yeah, that's true. July 4 we were out there right next to the fireworks. We were so close that in fact as they were exploding over our heads there were actually pieces of the fireworks that were falling down on top of us. I think a piece even fell down on Jesse's arm and he got burned.

TBM: Which one of you is considered the shy guy?
G: There is really no shy guy cause considering we're performers we're pretty crazy and stuff. I guess the quietest uh, I think, um, um, I think I'm maybe one of the quietest off stage. But, I know when we get on stage, it's like totally another thing. You just get all crazy and stuff ya know.

TBM: How about the funny one or the jokester?
F: Um, Matt's a pretty funny kid. He's tells a lot of jokes. Comes up with a lot of random stuff. But, uh, he's a funny kid, he keeps us on our toes.

TBM: Who's the messy one?
G: Jesse is!
Jesse: I'd say probably Matt.
G: Messy Jesse!
J: I'm not a mess...even though it rhymes with my name. I think Matt is a pretty messy kid. Where is he? [looks around] He, he's not even here. Yeah, he's pretty messy. You should see his bunk on the bus.

TBM: How about the smart?
Chris: Matt...again! I think you're just in love with Matt or something. He's uh, everything you've asked so far. He's got a 97 average.

TBM: How about the girl magnet?
All: Matt! That's Matt. [laughing...hard]
F: Certain fans like certain kids in the group. So we all attract certain people.

TBM: Do you hang out together on your day off?
C: Uh, yeah, sometimes we do. Sometimes we just need a little break from everything. So we just spend time in our bedrooms and chill out. But yeah, we like to hang out together.

---> The messy one just got here.
Matt: Oh, thanks guys!
G: To every question, we're like, yeah that's Matt.

TBM: We've heard that you support a lot of causes that are important to kids in high school. What are the most important ones?
M: I think our most important one is to be like a good role model to kids. [the guys laugh at him]
C: We did a show called the HealthSouth "Go For It!" Roadshow where we spread the message and the word not to do drugs and different types of harmful things, and how to eat right, and be healthy, and stay in school. We like to just share the teenage message to stay cool and not get yourself into a lot of trouble.

TBM: How did you have the time?
C: We actually, it's Dream Street does everything. Dream Street is our life right now. We're really happy to do what we do.

TBM: Are you afraid of anything?
G: Snakes.
M: I'm afraid of rabbits. They're pretty scary. [they all laugh at him] (EDITORS NOTE: He really is the funniest one!)
C: No, we're not afraid to much.
G: I'm afraid of Matt.
C: Yeah, I'm afraid of Matt.
J: Matt is a PSYCHO!
---> They all laugh at Matt again!
M: [shrugging] What can I say?

TBM: Remember that you're in Boston when you answer this question. Who did you really want to win the Super Bowl?
C + F: Patriots!!

TBM: Since you guys have been traveling so much, are you able to watch football?
J: Uh, yeah, actuallly...
C: We have the X Box!
F: We were home for the Super Bowl. So, uh, for the Super Bowl we were able to hang out with friends.

TBM: What's on thing that you hope to accomplish as musicians in the upcoming year?
C: Sell a lot more CD's. Work on a new album. Gain a lot more great fans support, and keep on enjoying what we're doing now.

G: You are the girls that interviewed us the first time we were here right?
Editors: Yeah. The readers wanted an updated interview.
G: Alright cool! What's up?

TBM: What's it like to meet all the people that you've admired and who inspired you?
G: Meeting Britney Spears was awesome.
TBM: Like we didn't know that one was coming.
G: She's really hot.
C: Meeting the people that you've looked up to and watched on TV and stuff is the coolest thing so far.
G: Especially when you realize that they are just like you.
J: They are just normal.

TBM: What is the worst thing that has happened to you on stage?
C: Uh, shoe falling off.
J: Uh, Greg accidentally fell.
C: He jumped up on a monitor, and it fell out from under him.
G: I just fell over.
J: He just landed on his butt. Really hard.
C: We kept on going. It was funny.
M: He got pulled off stage.
C; Oh, Jesse forgot his mic two nights ago.
F: Oh, yeah!
C: No, last night.
---> They start "arguing" over what night it was.
G: On stage, without a mic.
M: He got on stage and goes, "Oh crap!" He said, "Dream Street", and he goes, "Oh no! My mic!"
G: So we did half the first number without him.

TBM: Where has been your favorite place to perform?
J: Tsongas Arena.
TBM: City wise? Boston? New York?
F: I would have to say New York. Because it's our hometown. Most of our fans are there.
G: We got some great fans everywhere we go. And, ya know fans are just great. But, cause we're all from New York, so that's like our hometown. Usually when we're performing our family comes to watch us. We have the biggest fan base in New York and New Jersey.

TBM: Besides the neccesities, and music, what is the one thing that you can't live without?
G: Since we're on the road, cell phones. I have three little sisters, and I have to keep in touch with them.
C: Everything is a neccesity