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AIM snz Poserz

Hey everyone! Well the reason I made this page was because there is alot of posers out there!! & I've been tricked b4 too & itz pretty sad when u find out itz not ds!! :( I am going 2 put the snz on aim that I know of that r posers!!! If u know any snz that r posers & I don't have them here, e-mail me the snz ok thanx!!! 1 more thing, STOP pretending 2 be DREAMSTREET!! Damn peeps get a life!! Shit man, dis shit gets me pist off! Worse than PMS!!! & das bad! So yall take out ur "notebooks"(country accent 4 that part) & write down the posers! aight yall check back & yall posers don't be talking 2 shit 2 me 4 doing this cuz i got enough shit 2 talk 2 yall! so pshhhhh take a nap!! ~AM & EJ~ 
SourCandyRox101(not Chris)
Gbaby0503(not Greg)
NYJsEe87(not Jesse)
ItalianSinga4u15(not Greg)
Chris91659(not Chris)
italianstud050385(not Greg)
italianoguy50385(not Greg)
lacroguy421(not Matt)
milkizgood4u(not Matt)
orangeboy4900(not Jesse)
florina51state(not Jesse)
jesterfudsz(not Jesse)
imdapunk87(not Jesse)
jmaster49780(not Jesse)
jesster87(not Jesse)
greenx4xgo24(not Frankie)
italianstud12485(not Frankie)
italianstud050387(not Frankie)
DaSeXyMaN5038(not Greg)
Wunfootabove1(not Chris)
SpikyHeadcrt(not Chris)