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Your DreamStreet stories!

If u have any stories that r real! lol. & u would like 2 share ur stories with us just e-mail me ur stories & I'll be more than happy 2 post them up on my site! :) thx bye!
When I met Dreamstreet!!!!
Saturday,February 23rd,2002 at SantaAna Mall in SantaAna,CA at a FYE store! lol
Ok well the day before the BEST DAY!!!!, My sister Esther, my friend Daibelis, and my best friend April were all getting ready. My friend April had made her poster which said...............
Las Locas 4 ds in some tite letters!! Then she put the flag of Mexico next to it! lol. The rest of us had no clue what to write on our posters so we decided not to do anything. Then finally we did something!! lol. We stood up to like 2:00 a.m. & woke up at 5:00a.m.! We got ready then left. We left like at 7:00 something a.m. When we arrived, there was already a couple of girls on the line. We were just messing around so time can fly by. Then we met our friends from San Francisco which I always talk online with. (Gillian,Sabrina, & Sabrina's sister Stephanie.)  We talked etc. FINALLY DreamStreet's tour bus passed by & all the girls were SCREAMING!!! Unfortunately the guys weren't in the bus. They had entered the mall! :)
The Best Days Of Our Lives!
Well I have gotten the chance to meet and see Dream Street 3 times. I'll start with the first. It was November 2nd and my dad asked Me and 3 of my friends wanted to go to a Dream Street concert we said sure why not it will be funny (My dad always takes us to concerts and stuff cuz he owns radio stations) Anyway we went to the Phillupsbourg mall not knowing who these people were. So my dad was like do u wanna meet them? So we said yea cuz my friend had told us one was really hot. So we went through many doors and i remember following some guy i think is was Louie (there manager) now that i think about it..So I was right behind him I remember following him into a room when i wasnt supposed to someone kind of pushed me out i remember seeing a blonde kid in a green jersey(Matt) he smiled at me and i also remember seeing a tall tan kid with very TALL hair (chris) He scared me a little bit. So we were waiting outside that door for probobaly 10 minutes we werent nervous or anything we werent even excited so then we got bored so we started makeing fun of them we started calling them Dream Road and makeing fun of them cuz they were playing in a mall! After a while of laughing Matt came out and said HI and then he went to the bathroom a minute later Chris did the same thing. But he said that my one friend looked familiar....She was scared of him though because of his hair..so she kind of jus nodded and smiled. Then Greg came out and was talking to us for a while. Then Louie said why dont we get a group picture so we went in to another room, we walked in and we saw Frankie putting on makeup....(Jesse was sick that day so we didnt see him)we walked over to one end of the room to get ready for the picture. Chris was behind me and he put his arm around me and his other arm around my other friend. So we took the picture and then we left for the concert. As we were walking away to were the stage were we were like OMG they are sooooo HOT!!We knew from then on they would be our new obsession! We were right in front of the stage and when they came on we were sooo dazed we just stared cuz they were all soooooo hot! We didnt know any of there songs except for "It happens every time" But we still had soo much fun! That night they were all we could think about for like 4 weeks they were our obsession we learned everything about them! Then we found out we could go see them again we were sooooo excited! We made shirts and we bought them candy and everything we were soo happy so on December 15th morning every one came to my house to get ready. We put on our very creative shirts and we were ready my dad picked us up at 11:30 and we were off to the electric factory in Philadelphia. We got there and there was about 200 or more girls in a long lin standing outside the place we walked into the building b 4 anyone and we could hear there soundcheck going on my dad met some guy that would get us backstage. We walked into a big room where the stage was it was pretty empty still sinve they didnt open the doors yet. We were sooooooooooo excited! We followed my dad and the guy up alot of steps i was in the front of the line then i saw Chris leaning against a couch as we were walking down the hall to the room they were in i got soo nervous i saw him and i started breathing very hard Chris kinda smiled and laughed we got to him and we shook my hand and stuff and my friend Lauren gave him a bag of sour candy we bought him i went over to Jesse and i give him his bag of candy he got up and said thanx and gave me a hug. He asked me my name and i was talking to him for a few minutes i got and individual picture with all of them then we all got a group picture. One by one they all started leaving to got get ready we were sitting talking to Frankie the longest then we had to leave. We enjoyed the concert and we left and got back in the car to leave then Lauren says "11 days till Dream Street!" In eleven days (The day after Christmas) we would be going to see them at Crocodile Rock. We counted down the days almost two weeks...when the day finally came at 9:30 am Lauren got to my house and we went to the mall to get new jeans for the concert the whole time we were talking about them and just counting downthe hours till the concert. We got back from the mall and we watched there DVD over and over then @ 5:00 we started to get ready at 6 my other friend Amanda got to my house. Finally at 6:30 my dad came and picked us up. We got to Croc rock, and there were so mnay people waiting in the cold we got to get in a back way. After a long time of standing and meeting our other friend Margot there we finally followed my dad and Louie down alot of steps and we got in a room and we saw Matt first they led us into another room where we saw Ruby Blue. Myra and Jump 5. Wow! We were surrounded by famous people. We saw Matts little brother who looked EXACTLY like Matt! Then Matt and Greg came out and we were talking to them for a long time. Then they left and Frankie came out. We talked to him for a while too. Then we followed all three of them into a different room to watch them be interviewed. We watched the three of them get interviewe Lauren and I were getting very wrestless I wanted to see Jesse and she wanted to see Chris! The interview was over and we all got a pic with the three of them. All of the sudden Lauren says "I SEE CHRIS!" She went over to him and gave him a hug he said he had eaten the candy from last time. She got a few pictures with him we all did to. Then we went back into the other room and we saw Jesse i was soo happy! I got a pic with him kissing me on the cheek:)<3 we talked to him for not that long. then we had to go back into the other room while they were warming up. We were talking to Myra and Jesses cousin and Jesses aunt. Then Matt came out again and was talking to us then we had to leave. We watched the concert and we had sooooo much fun! All three of those days were THE BEST DAYS OF OUR LIVES! We might get to go see them record there next CD in NY! I CANT WAIT!! DREAM STREET FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Colleen

The Best Day Ever!

Getting tickets only a few days b4 the concert off ticketmaster.com some people might say is crazy, not knowing if they would even get to the box office we had to see our favorite boy band, DREAM STREET !! when we to the TLA it was just around 8:30 in the morning we were 16th in line !!! freezing our asses off in front of the TLA for a half hour or so until a security guard arrived. we decided to ask him a few questions and he said we'd probably have front row. We thought this was really kinda weird but he walked us to a nearby ally and told us to wait there. Okay so we were REALLY suspicious its like the TLA was like a block away and we were freezing our asses off in a dark, cold ally. we has blanets and layers of clothes on prepared to wait 11 hours till the concert at 7. At the time we wern't sure on what time the concert begane b/c on the d/s offical website it said the concert was at 2:30 so we got there so early it wouldnt matter what time it started, we'd be there anyways !! so we took turns (in groups of 2) walked down south street and at one point we left poor Kelly sitting all by herself while Julia, Nicole and I walked pretty far down to McDonalds where we stuffed our pockets of our UFOs with sugar packets !!! so we managed to wait until about 1:45 and there was really a big crowd gathering around the front of them line, we went up to see what was going on and a guy told us they were filming a scene of the movie and if we wanted to be in it so of course we signed our names on the big long list !! Then the guy came down the line asking for every1 else to sign the list to sign the list then the Director explained to us what we had to do so we followed his instrustions all except the one where he told us we had to be silent !! LOL... ooops !! then they did a couple of run throughs with a guy and we pretended he was Chris and the guy told us to touch chris and and stuff so we were touching the guy like he was chris !! He told us they'd film chris going one way then he was goin to walk back. FINALLY Chris (the love of my life !!) came out and everyone was going crazy !! then we HAD to be silent!! then Chris, "Louie", and Claudia came walking through the girls we were instructed to move as he was comming through ,so we did. OMG it was so awesome i was about 10 inches away from my sexy baby and i was touching him with my freezing cold fingers !!! also the movie is supposed to take place in California and it is warmer there so we had to take off our jackets and gloves and stuff ... it was FREEZING. So then Chris walked back and i took tons of pics of him... they werent really centered but, oh well !! We did this about 5 times and one of the last times when chris was walkin back... Julia and i just grabbed him !!! and we were hugging him, i never wanted to let go and he smelt SOOOO good !!!!! i finally let go and let him walk back. then the camera came trough pretending it was chris !!! so i screamed "i love you !!" at it !!!! Then we were done and Chris just walked through so me and Julia were going to kiss him and right before he was infront of us Laura grabbed him and wouldn't let go !! so the security guys came and made him go by really really fast and me and Julia moved toward him to kiss him and the security guys yanked on him and he said "sorry" to me and Julia .... that meant so much that he said sorry its better then kissing him, which he probably didnt want anyways !! We thought it was only like a half hour long, when it was 2 hours !!!! it was 4:30 and all these girls were cutting in line !! so instead of being 16th we were like 30th !! we werent guarenteed 1st row anymore. Douring the movie the rest of our group came including Nicoles sister, Brittany and our friends Lauren and Mindi. So we just stood in line and we cut infront of a group so we were around 25th in line.... FINALLY at around 6 they brought groups oF 40 to the TLA when we were walkign a HUGE group of ppl cut infront of us so when we got to the doors i broke off of our group and ran right to the other door where i shoved my ticket in the guys face and he ripped it in half and gave it back and i ran up to the ront and got 2nd row!!! there i called my group over so we were really close, my foot was on the barricade and the grls in front of us are short !! Also, i made sure we were on the right side of the stage, last time we were on the left where Chris never was so this time we were on the right. A little while later the concert started with Jump5, we never heard of the group before but DAMN they are really good they all could do like standing backtucks and stuff and they were just amazing !! The hott guys Chris and Brandon kept touching us and pointed at me !! Mindi said "OMG AMY" like everytime they pointed at me or looked at me and wound up saying it like 7 times !! haha !!! Britt and Nicole really couldnt reach them when they put out their hands so after i touched them i wiped their sweat on Britt and Nicole !! Then 3rd Faze came on, we really dont like 3rd faze so mindi was screaming "minya minya minya" and this big fat girl next to me turned around and said to me "dont make fun of 3rd faze, their my girls" and i said "then u can have them !!" alright so they were bad and then Myra came on she asked us who was the best guy fron d/s and greg was first and then another member then she was lookin right at me so i just kept screaming "CHRIS" over and over after about 10 seconds she said "oh CHRIS !!" lol then she sang some more then d/s came on !!!! FINALLY !!! we only waited 11 hours !!! They sang sugar rush first so we took the sugar out of our pockets with the big yellow M on them from McDonalds and "pegged" them on stage. I didnt really see where everyone elses went but i hit greg i nthe leg ke kinda looked at the sugar for a second then looked at me so i waved and then she kinda laughed !! Then i hit Chris !!! and he did the same thing greg did so i waved and he did that cool eyebrow thing to me !!! I kept screwming stuff about how i love chris and he kept doing the eyebrow thing to me !! Douring Jennifer Goodbye we left Julia and Mindi up and HE SUNG TO BOTH OF THEM !!! Julia was really embarrassed and took pictures of him while she was up in the air !! He picked a girl to go up on stage and stuff then he jumped off stage and stood up right in front of us and everyone was grabbing him he was disgustingly sweaty !!! LOL he threw his shirt all the way back to the like 14th row!! haha. Then right before Chris sang Someone To Hold me Tonight everyone threw their flowers at Chris and someones landed right in his hair !!!!!!!!!! they were sticking up all over !! i took a pic of it but my finger was in the way, i can still see chris though !!! The other songs went by and douring Feel The Rain we got SOOOO soaked by Gregs water OMG lol and it got all over my camera and stuff !! oh well !! and douring hooked on you Matt jumped off the stage and i got to touch him!! i touched all of them except Jesse and Frankie, i only touched Chris once but i got to touch him like 40 times outside so it didnt matter !!! Then douring It Happens Everytime i remembered outside i was writing on my shoe about Chris and i decided to throw my shoe up on stage !!!! Chris put it off to the side !! LoL then after the concert i got my shoe back !! haha That was the best day of my entire life !!!! THERE IS SO MUCH MORE I DIDNT TYPE BUT THATS SOME OF IT !!!!!!!! OMG IT WAS THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had any embrassingmoments with the guyz? lol

What did u do? hehe